15 Simple Sentences Examples

15 Simple Sentences Examples

A simple sentence is a single clause with a subject and a predicate, or sentences containing an independent clause. The basic construction of a simple sentence consists of subject, verb, and object. The fact that a simple predicate consists only of a verb or a verb phrase shows that simple sentences will consist of a subject and a verb.

1.Alex isn’t telling the truth.

2.They killed him.

3.You are not an engineer.

4.My mom likes to paint by herself.

5.You will not come with me.

6.I really need someone.

7.This was a threat to us.

8.I told my father that I wanted to go to London.

9.I can’t come home early today.

10.Brasil is not a country in Europe.

11.She learned to read by herself.

12.These are for you.

13.I want to do something.

14.You should go take it from him.

15.They speak English in USA.