100 Exclamatory Sentence Examples

100 Exclamatory Sentence Examples

Exclamatory Sentences

An exclamation sentence is used to convey strong feelings. There is an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence. It is known that an exclamatory sentence is stronger than a declarative sentence. Exclamation sentences are used to explain. It is also involved in the realization of excitement and emotion. Exclamation sentences are generally preferred in advertisements and informal correspondence.

Usage Examples of Exclamation Sentences

Exclamation sentences are used a lot in English. For this reason, there are many examples on the subject. If you want to construct sentences most correctly in your daily life, you can start using the examples following grammar by examining them.

  • You had to get home early yesterday! (An expression that indicates anger.)
  • We won this game! (It is a sign expressing happiness.)
  • You’re so cute! (Denotes love for someone.)
  • I’m going to miss my home so much because I’m gone! (It is an expression of sadness.)

100 Exclamatory Sentence Examples

1.Alas, it will rain again!

2.Don’t do that!

3.Hello! Listen!

4.How clever you are!

5.Wow ! the puppy is so cute.

6.Hey, no smoking in here!

7.Thanks, boss!

8.What a beautiful daisy!

9.What a coincidence this is!

10.God, I’m in heaven!

11.What a beautiful girl she is!

12.How sweet a dog it is!

13.What big eyes you have grandma!

14.Like you’re a big person!

15.Happy birthday, mommy!

16.I am not taking it!

17.I am angry!

18.Woe, I missed the service!

19.What a happy ending!

20.How slow they speak!

21.What a cute cat!

22.No more, give up!

23.What beautiful music he listens to!

24.What a beautiful morning this is!

25.I hate you!

26.What a goal he scored!

27.What big ears you have!

28.How bright it looked in the sunlight!

29.How well he drives!

30.How slow they were walking!

31.How fast he was reading!

32.This puzzle is driving me up the wall!

33.Oh, my God, would you stop by here!

34.How beautiful this city is!

35.Sara, wipe the board!

36.Woe, I missed the service!

37.Don’t talk, get out!

38.Happy birthday, mommy!

39.Thanks, boss!

40.I hate you!

41.Ice cream waffles are my favorite!

42.Wow, I like you!

43.Great, let’s go to the movies!

44.Please, help me now!

45.Hah, okay, now it’s beautiful!

46.What a coincidence this is!

47.Wait, that bridge is rotten!

48.I’m so mad at her!

49.God, I’m in heaven!

50.Why don’t you listen to my words!

51.How strange it was!

52.How quickly he understands!

53.How much my flowers grew in the sunlight!

54.What beautiful music he listens to!

55.How slow they speak!

56.How fast did you speak!

57.What a beautiful daisy!

58.What a cute squirrel cub!

59.What an ugly duck!

60.What a happy ending!

61.Great, let’s go to the movies!

62.Hah, okay, now it’s beautiful!

63.Ouch! its hurting.

64.Alas, it will rain again!

65.Don’t do that!

66.Hello! Listen!

67.How clever you are!

68.Wow ! the puppy is so cute.

69.Hey, no smoking in here!

70.Thanks, boss!

71.What a beautiful daisy!

72.What a coincidence this is!

73.God, I’m in heaven!

74.What a beautiful girl she is!

75.How sweet a dog it is!

76.What big eyes you have grandma!

77.Like you’re a big person!

78.Happy birthday, mommy!

79.I am not taking it!

80.I am angry!

81.Woe, I missed the service!

82.What a happy ending!

83.How slow they speak!

84.What a cute cat!

85.No more, give up!

86.What beautiful music he listens to!

87.What a beautiful morning this is!

88.I hate you!

89.This is a great car!

90.Hurrah! We have won the contest.

91.What a loving mother you have!

92.How clever she is!

93.What a sweet dog it is!

94.I am really going to miss this place!

95.It is so sad!

96.I will see the reports on my desk tomorrow!

97.It’s snowing!

98.We won !

99.What awful weather!

100.Hey, no smoking in here!