What is a Dependent Clause? Definition, Dependent Clauses Types and Example Sentences

What is a Dependent Clause? Dependent Clauses Types and Example Sentences

Dependent Clauses

What Is a Dependent Clause?

A dependent clause is a set of words that includes both a subject and a verb. It is not a sentence and cannot stand alone since it does not communicate a complete notion. Adverb clauses, adjective clauses, and noun clauses are examples of these clauses.


Adverb Clauses

Adverb clauses begin with subordinating conjunctions and modify verbs. Here are some instances of adverb clauses that are dependent clauses:

  • When the teacher arrives
  • Because I can’t wait for the movie
  • As if she knew what was going to happen in five minutes
  • Then her brother can
  • If you can work at weekends
  • Until the sun sets
  • While snows continue to drop
  • Whenever her cousin comes to visit
  • Since we don’t have enough money to pay off loan debts
  • Unless you find the correct answer
  • No matter how she looks at it
  • How she got elected
  • Before the coffee gets cold

Adjective Clauses

Adjective clauses modify nouns and are normally preceded by a relative pronoun and, on rare occasions, subordinating conjunction. Here are some instances of adjective clause dependent clauses:

  • That I sold them
  • Which is located in Turkey
  • Who is intelligent
  • Whom we met after the concert
  • Whose writing is always fascinating
  • When the leaves turn red and brown colors and start to fall

Noun Clauses

Noun clauses refer to a specific person, place, object, or concept. It can be a subject, object, subject complement, object complement, or appositive since it functions as a noun. Here are some instances of noun clause dependent clauses:


  • Why he say that
  • Whomever he likes
  • How these students would get there
  • Who let the dog out of the house
  • What they anticipated
  • Whatever makes her happy
  • That the students are listening
  • Whatever you can drive that far
  • If the skirt is on sale

Dependent Clauses Example Sentences

  • What the boy did was not very useful for her.
  • My lovely cousin finished his novel, after months of research.
  • The trophy goes to whoever wins fairly at the race.
  • While you were sleeping, our puppy knocked over the table.
  • A helium nucleus has two protons, whereas hydrogen has only one.
  • Where is the meat that was in the freezer?
  • After Sarah sneezed all over the pizza patties, no one wanted to eat.
  • The town where I was born is on the west coast.
  • I cannot figure out why they said that.
  • We will do anything whatever is necessary.
  • The author, whom I met at the book signing, is dead.
  • You may play outside until the streetlights come on and I called your name.
  • The puppy that we found belongs to the Whites.
  • Whenever I go to South Korea, I will visit Han River.
  • Since no one else volunteered, the job is yours.