What is Intransitive Verb? Intransitive Verbs Example Sentences

What is Intransitive Verb? Intransitive Verbs Example Sentences

Intransitive Verbs

Because of the way English grammar works, certain phrases have no object. In other words, they are sentences that do not take objects, resulting in the development of intransitive words. These statements are used both in everyday life and in academic settings, depending on the goal. They are extremely important for learning a new language.

What Is the Definition of An Intransitive Verb?

Intransitive verbs are verbs that do not require an object to be used as a subject. In other words, there is no object in these statements, or it cannot be found in any manner. For example, the following sentence has an intransitive verb:

“I walked in the park.”

As can be seen, when the sentence above is broken down into its parts, no object can be identified in any way.

What Is the Best Way to Find an Intransitive Verb?

Certain inquiries are asked in order to help the reader understand the contents of a statement. The queries “What” or “Which” are used to help the reader grasp the object of the statement. However, if there is no response to these inquiries within a single sentence, it means there is an intransitive verb in the sentence.

The kids were playing in the street.

No answer can be obtained from the questions “What” or “Which” in this question. As a result, it is assumed that the sentence contains an intransitive verb. The reason for this is that there is no object in the statement above.

What Are Some Examples of Intransitive Verb Sentences?

It is possible to create a lot of different sentences with intransitive verbs.

  • Today was my first day at school.
  • My mother left to go to work.
  • Alex will be with us today.
  • I’m completely exhausted
  • After this incident, he was completely withdrawn.
  • I’ve been waiting here since morning.
  • The boy with the balloon flying cried for a while.
  • My friend just passed by here.
  • He wandered around the bazaar all day.
  • Since you didn’t listen to what I said, I’m silent.
  • I was very scared when I didn’t get an answer from you.
  • You’ve changed a lot lately.
  • As soon as I got home, I lay down on the sofa.
  • The little boy slept all day.
  • He cried secretly at night.
  • The food will be cooked soon.
  • I was born on a snowy New Year’s Eve.


  • Samuel is swimming in the sea.
  • My father was sleeping, my mother was sitting on the sofa.
  • The butterfly fell to the ground.
  • The trees will sprout
  • The storm lasted for three days.
  • It’s gotten a little sluggish lately.
  • I went to bed early today.
  • He was looking
  • He hasn’t been home for three days.
  • I worked hard jobs for years.
  • The police took action.
  • We all laughed at his joke.
  • The forest burned within an hour.
  • Realizing that I was late, I ran to school.
  • The bus stopped just ahead.
  • We’ve been flying like birds for hours.
  • My brother slept in front of the TV.