25 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences

25 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences

Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense, which is a Tense that expresses previously lived events or situations, is one of the Tense used basically in English. This Tense, which should be learned by anyone who wants to speak English, expresses that an event started and ended in the past.


How to Make Simple Past Tense?

The Simple Past Tense, which has certain patterns, has the subject-verb-object sequence of English. When using the Simple Past Tense, you should use the verbs in their second form, not their nominative and first form. The second forms of the verbs consist of two groups, regular and irregular, and the suffix “-ed” is added to the nominative form of the verbs in regular verbs. Irregular verbs have their own special structures and these verbs should be memorized.

With the Simple Past Tense, you can construct verb phrases as we explained. However, if what you want is to make a noun phrase using the Simple Past Tense, you need to learn to use the auxiliary verbs was or were in order to do this. All you need to learn about this is that you should use were for You, We, and They subjects and was for I, He, She, It.

Here are 25 Simple Past Tense Example Sentences;

1.Samuel didn’t come to the picnic yesterday.

2.I visited yesterday with my cousin.

3.I passed the math exam.

4.Yesterday the mechanic fixed my car.

5.I worked for 3 hours yesterday.

6.My brother was not at home.

7.The flat was sold 2 months ago.

8.We did not come.

9.We went to the shopping mall.

10.My father bought a red car.

11.I came to school.

12.Did you hear the news?

13.Who told you this?

14.I paid the repairman his money.

15.They met at school at five o’clock.

16.I came from London last week.

17.How long did you wait for us?

18.They came to help us yesterday.

19.I did not go to school yesterday.

20.My parents came to us.

21.I got gas in the car and hit the road.

22.Mary sang a beautiful song.

23.What time did you come home?

24.Alex learned English.

25.Did you get a salary last month?