55 Present Perfect Tense Example Sentences

55 Present Perfect Tense Example Sentences

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense is one of the most commonly used Tenses in English and is one of the most difficult subjects for everyone who starts learning English. This Tense in English denotes the near past tense, that is, the past tense just before the past tense.

The events that are meant by the Present Perfect Tense are the events that happened in the past tense and the effect continues even if the event is over. The events that took place with the Simple Past Tense are over, but the events described with the Present Perfect Tense are not over yet, and even if they end, their effects continue. Present Perfect Tense differs from Simple Past Tense in terms of continuing its effect.


How to Do the Present Perfect Tense?

The first thing you need to do to make the Present Perfect Tense is to use the auxiliary verbs have and has, which can change according to the subject. The subjects I, you, we, and they use to have auxiliary verbs. The subjects He, She, and It use the auxiliary verb has.

Here are 55 Present Perfect Tense Example Sentences;

1.Doctors have found a cure for many diseases.

2.Has not George come yet?

3.I have been to London 2 times.

4.I have cleaned my room.

5.My sister has just gone to bed.

6.I have already ironed the shirts.

7.He hasn’t finished the homework.

8.I have been so busy today!

9.The girl has just finished her homework.

10.You have just spent all of your money.

11.They have been here since 10 pm.

12.The students have asked too many questions.

13.They have earned a lot of money thanks our job.

14.I have written five reports so far this year.

15.She has never been to England.

16.She has left the house.

17.Nobody has ever said that to me before.

18.Have you ever been to Austin?

19.I have been her friend for twenty years.

20.Who have you spoken with?

21.The painter has drawn many pictures.

22.I haven’t seen her since she got off work.

23.I have been in Texas 5 years ago.

24.The telephone has rung all morning.

25.Has the post arrived yet?

26.I haven’t seen my mother for 6 years.

27.My son has earned money.

28.They have never met that man before.

29.We have constructed a bridge.

30.My mother has not washed the dishes.

31.I have already written the report.

32.The officer has not typed the letter yet.

33.Mary has washed her car.

34.Have you packed your bag yet?

35.I have never been to USA.

36.Samuel hasn’t called for eight months.

37.Have you finished reading the newspaper yet?

38.I have never seen a famous person.

39.They’ve not played basketball.

40.I’ve saved money for a new house.

41.He has gone on vacation.

42.Has your brother finished decorating yet?

43.I have had five quizzes and six tests so far this holiday.

44.We have just bought a new car.

45.I have lived in London for 3 years.

46.He has just scored a goal.

47.She has worked here for six years.

48.I have not finished my homework yet

49.Have you ever been married?

50.My brother has run 10 miles.

51.He has forgotten his keys.

52.I have already paid the bills.

53.I’ve visited four of our clients today.

54.Have you done your homework?

55.Have you written a letter?