15 Simple Present Tense Example Sentences

15 Simple Present Tense Example Sentences

Present Simple Tense

The Present Simple Tense is the most used tense in English and is a Tense that people use to describe things they always do. This Tense tells us how often something is done or whether it is done in daily life. The Present Simple Tense, which is used for routine tasks that are done continuously and repeated every day, is also used for scientific facts. In addition, the Present Simple Tense is used when talking about events that are accepted by everyone and situations in which people agree.


How to Do the Present Simple Tense?

The Simple Present Tense, the first time taught in English, is also a pretty simple Tense for learning sentence sequences. In order to construct a sentence in English, you must first use the subject, then the predicate, and then the object. We can summarize the order of English sentences as subject-verb-object.

Here are 15 Simple Present Tense Example Sentences;

1.Who lives in Madrid?

2.Do you play the piano?

3.I like ice cream.

4.There are 2 teachers in the school.

5.My mother cleans the house in the evening.

6.Cold water is consumed in summer.

7.My mother has a tumble dryer.

8.They drive their kids to school every day.

9.Alex lives in Paris.

10.There are many forests in the country.

11.They speak English in USA.

12.The train leaves every morning at 18 AM.

13.My brother’s dog barks a lot.

14.They speak English very well.

15.My uncle is a computer engineer.