10 Examples of Past Perfect Tense in English

10 Examples of Past Perfect Tense in English

Past Perfect Tense

The Past Perfect Tense, which is used to express what happened first when describing two events or situations in the past, is a Tense that you will come across quite often. The event that is meant to be expressed must have happened in the past tense, but there must be two different events and these two events should be conveyed sequentially to the opposite party in a sentence.


How to Make Past Perfect Tense?

When making sentences with the Past Perfect Tense, you must follow the subject-verb-object sentence ordering rule of English. The auxiliary verbs have and has, which should be used in Simple Perfect Tense, become past tense and had when used with Past Perfect Tense. The third form of the elephant used in the Simple Perfect Tense should also be used in the Past Perfect Tense.

In the Past Perfect Tense, which is often confused with the Present Perfect Tense, the auxiliary verb is only used as “had”. In the Present Perfect Tense, the auxiliary verb can be “have” or “has” depending on the subject. They differ in the way the auxiliary verb is used.


10 Examples of Past Perfect Tense

1.The bus had gone by the time Mia got to the bus stop.

2.Valery and Madison had wanted to watch Marvel movies at their home but Valery had to go to work before their plan.

3.Seth had learned Russian before he moved to Moscow but his knowledge was not enough.

4.The important cargo Jeremy wanted had arrived when he went home in order to get things he need.

5.Stewart had not (hadn’t) met with Jessica before the party was started.

6.I had not (hadn’t) slept all night because I got some bad news before I slept.

7.Chloe had not (hadn’t) visited Paris until she moved there because of her job.

8.Elizabeth did not pass her exams because she had not studied enough to pass her exams.

9.When had Rodney’s first poem published? Was he younger or older than ten years old?

10.Had Lilly gone to a Japanese course before she moved to Japan?