Declarative Sentences Example and Definition, What is Declarative Sentence?

Declarative Sentences Example and Definition, What is Declarative Sentence?

Declarative Sentences

Declarative sentences are generally used to explain or indicate a situation. These sentences have an important place in English. You must use this type of sentence, which you will use frequently in your daily life, in the best way. You should use it grammatically to explain and give information about a situation. In this way, when you communicate, you will be able to convey your thoughts most accurately. You should not forget that the declarative sentences that you may encounter with a simple sentence structure sometimes end with a dot. In addition, this sentence type includes subject and predicate.

Examples for Declarative Sentence Type

In declarative sentences, priority is given to the present tense. For this reason, there are examples that you can encounter as simple and compound sentences. These examples are:

  • Henry is reading.
  • Henry is sunbathing on the beach.
  • I love climbing mountains and spending time.
  • Emily is happy.
  • My dog ​​is brown.
  • The sky is dark.
  • Fast food lover.

Compound sentences are used to connect two sentences. When connecting these sentences, you will see conjunctions, commas, or semicolons. Examples for these sentences are:

  • Henry wanted to play basketball, but his father wouldn’t let him.
  • Emily loved to sunbathe, but could not sunbathe as she was allergic.
  • He had to catch the next bus; He informed his family and began to prepare.
  • His house had a new hearth, But she didn’t know how to cook.
  • The sun had not risen for days; A disaster was approaching.

The construction of declarative sentences is not difficult. Therefore, it will not take much of your time to learn how to use them. These sentence types, which you can use easily, progress from simple to complex. Examples of declarative sentences used in basic or compound structures are as follows:

  • He was starting his journey tomorrow morning; He was unhappy to be away from her home.
  • The air was icy and dark; It was the right day to stay at home.
  • He has a blue scarf.
  • The room looks dark.
  • I love my stuff.
  • The dog ran after the cats.
  • I love my new beret
  • My brother likes to read books, but he does not have money to buy books.
  • I don’t have a home.
  • She has a red coat.

Here are other declarative example sentences

London is the capital of England.
He just asked you.
I and my sister don’t see each other anymore.
Tomorrow early morning first I go to morning walk.
My cat is black.
They go to a gallery every Saturday.
Her shoes were brand new, and now they are missing.
You go to holiday every summer.