7 Examples of Complex Sentences

7 Examples of Complex Sentences

Complex sentences are known as one of the four sentence types. The difference between these sentence types, which are divided into bait, complex, compound, and compound-complex, is that they have a dependent clause. Complex and complex compound sentences are the types that have this situation.

Dependent clauses cannot stand as a complete sentence. Therefore, dependent clauses without an independent clause are known only as part of the sentence.

1.They can go wherever they want.

2.I don’t know whether she’ll be admitted to the university.

3.I use water when making pasta whereas my mom uses eggs.

4.We can not go on holiday, because we don’t have enough money.

5.I won’t go to the party though I was invited.

6.While she was walking I was running.

7.He had climbed many mountains when he was a boy.