5 Examples of Implicit Sentences in English

5 Examples of Implicit Sentences in English

1.When people are dating, they make it clear that they will not implicitly meet with others. Meeting with others is considered wrong. Even if this perception has changed a little today.

2.Even if some rights are not mentioned, parents have rights over their children. When they have children, they promise to raise their children.

3.We immediately realized that he did not want to meet with us because he said “I have a job”. Actually, we know he has no job, but we respect his decision.

4.The teacher understood that the students did not understand the subject because they did not want to do the questions. He did a study lesson to explain them in detail after school.

5.My uncle and dad are doing a joint business. There is an invisible agreement between them not to do business without knowing each other. Although this is never said, they do not spend without notice.