55 Examples of Positive Sentences Examples

55 Examples of Positive Sentences Examples

1.No one believes them.

2.They killed him.

3.They sleep in the afternoon.

4.Everything was ready for the party.

5.I want to be a computer engineer too.

6.Everybody loves Mary.

7.You are lazy students.

8.Today they will come.

9.She is my best friend.

10.Someone knows where he is.

11.She learned to read by herself.

12.We will go to the party.

13.We went fishing after school.

14.This is mine.

15.Everything was ready for the party.

16.They speak English in USA.

17.They are the smartest kids here.

18.Today we will come.

19.He loves to play basketball.

20.You know I love you so much.

21.You should take care of yourself.

22.I learnt English by myself.

23.You can buy everything.

24.There were 3 apples on the table.

25.You are very kind.

26.I play volleyball.

27.This was a threat to us.

28.She is the best football player in the team.

29.You will come with me.

30.They killed him.

31.These are for you.

32.He would do anything.

33.I really need someone.

34.Your car is more expensive than ours.

35.She cook for you.

36.I lost my wallet last week.

37.The dogs belong to them.

38.Everyone loves her.

39.You need to go take yours.

40.He will take it himself.

41.You are an engineer.

42.She will take what is hers.

43.My father fixed the car himself.

44.I can run faster than him.

45.You should go take it from him.

46.He is my best friend.

47.Someone knows where she is.

48.I love dogs.

49.They live near here.

50.We can go on vacation with you.

51.You were the boss.

52.The dog can walk itself.

53.His whole family knows he loves you.

54.She knows she has to study for exams.

55.He learned to read by himself.