50 Words With Meaning and Sentence in English

50 Words With Meaning and Sentence in English

Meaning: Discover the exact place or position of.
I located the town on a map.

Meaning: Check or prove the validity or accuracy of (something)
If any female feels she need anything beyond herself to legitimate and validate her existence, she is already giving away her power to be self-defining, her agency.

Meaning: Share or exchange information, news, or ideas.
We need to communicate with each other.

Meaning: deposit, invest, bed, put to bed, credit, embark
He invested a lot of money in stocks.

Meaning: (of a person or their eyes) look carefully and thoroughly at (someone or something), especially so as to appraise them
Their research used a survey method.

Meaning: Compel or force (someone) to follow a particular course of action
Children are constrained to work in the way the book dictates

Meaning: Distribute (resources or duties) for a particular purpose
I would like to allocate more time to dating, though. I need to find a girlfriend.

Meaning: Come before (something) in time.
The rain was preceded by wind.

Meaning: Direct toward a particular end or object
Jessica flipped through the channels.

Meaning: Compel observance of or compliance with (a law, rule, or obligation)
The laws were very difficult to enforce.

Meaning: make (an action or process) easy or easier.
Schools were located on the same campus to facilitate the sharing of resources.

Meaning: Continue to have (something); keep possession of.
We had to retain a lawyer.

Meaning: Give (something, especially money) in order to help achieve or provide something.

Frank isn’t contributing, is he?

Meaning: Give special importance or prominence to (something) in speaking or writing.
She emphasized the importance of education.

Meaning: act in such a way as to have an effect on another; act reciprocally.
Alex seems to be unable to interact normally with other people.

Meaning: Get, acquire, or secure (something)
He worked hard to obtain his objective.

Meaning: Put a limit on; keep under control.
He restricted his drinking to one beer a day.

Meaning: occur in turn repeatedly.
I may suggest an alternate plan?

Meaning: Make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.
This book is adapted for children.

Meaning: Grasp mentally; understand.
Example Sentences: I can’t comprehend it.


Take out

to remove sth from a place

The dentist has to take out this tooth.


Take over

to get control

The firm was badly in need of restructuring when he took over.


Take on

to accept job or responsibility

Don’t take on more responsibilities than you can handle.


Take down

to write on a paper

I can take down the messages that come in.


Take after

to resemble sb in appearance

He takes after his uncle.


Let off

Meaning; to allow sb to leave

Example Sentence; They‘ll let you off if you apologize.


Let through

Meaning; to allow to pass

Example Sentence; He was let through to the front of the queue.


Let up

Meaning; to stop or to diminish

Example Sentence; When the rain lets up, you can go to  outside.


Read out

to read sth aloud

Shall I read them out?


Read for sth

to study for something

She reads her students’s essay for 


Read off

to read a list aloud

Could you read off the last four digits of the credit card again.


Dress sb down

to scold

The manager dressed them down  in front of the whole school.


Make of

to have an impression about sth

Can you make anything  of this information?


Make over

to renovate

The tailor made over her dress


Make for

to move toward something

I stood from the chair and made for the door.


Cut up

to cut into pieces

My mother cut up the onions and put them in the pot.


Cut out

to stop working

There are two engines. One of them cut out yesterday.


Cut down

to use less of sth

I’m trying to cut down on sugar.