15 Noun Sentences Examples

15 Noun Sentences Examples

Nouns are used in place of people, places, animals, and emotions. Noun phrases appear by using nouns in sentences. Noun phrases are frequently used in English. Therefore, if you want to construct sentences correctly in your daily life, you need to pay attention to grammar.

1.I love dogs.

2.He is my best friend.

3.Everything was ready for the party.

4.He does not goes to gym every day.

5.She is my best friend.

6.She got a good grade in the Spanish exam.

7.I don’t play tennis every day.

8.She won’t go to the cinema.

9.I want to be a computer engineer too.

10.That isn’t the way to London.

11.This is mine dog.

12.Samuel doesn’t play soccer.

13.We go to the gym club together.

14.I don’t learn English with my friends.

15.There is no play with fire.