22 Imperative Sentences in English

22 Imperative Sentences in English

Imperative sentences are used when one wants to give orders and communicate in informal conversations. It is known as one of the most preferred sentence types as a communication type. Imperative sentences have an easier construction than other sentence types. Due to its easy structure, it is one of the most preferred types in daily life. When you want to make an imperative sentence, you need to learn how to use it in your daily life. It is recommended to examine many examples to ensure the correct use of these sentences against people.

1.Be there at five.

2.Choose your friends wisely.

3.Clean your room.

4.Complete these by tomorrow.

5.Consider the red dress.

6.Do not go.

7.Do not make that sound.

8.Do not smoke in your room.

9.Do not talk to me like that.

10.Do not tell him that.

11.Do not touch that notebook I put there.

12.Do not walk fastly.

13.Don’t do that.

14.Don’t stay out at night.

15.Don’t text me.

16.Don’t wait for my answer.

17.Enjoy it!

18.Give us the gate key.

19.Have a cup of cappuccino.

20.Please open the door quickly.

21.Shall he not come in?

22.Shall we go out?