35 Daily Use English Sentences

35 Daily Use English Sentences

1.Allow me

2.Any day will do

3.Are you done?

4.Be calm

5.Be careful!

6.Be quiet!

7.Can I ask you something?

8.Can you please repeat that?

9.Cheer up!

10.Come on

11.Come with me

12.Did you get it?

13.Do you need anything?

14.Don’t be ridiculous

15.Don’t be so childish

16.Don’t move!

17.Don’t worry

18.Enjoy yourself

19.Follow me

20.God bless you

21.Good afternoon

22.Good morning

23.Good night

24.Have a good trip

25.Have a good weekend

26.How are you?

27.I admire you

28.I am busy.

29.I am tired.

30.I apologize

31.I can’t wait

32.I don’t agree.

33.I don’t have time

34.I feel much better.

35.I’m good.