15 Exclamatory Sentences Examples

15 Exclamatory Sentences Examples

An exclamation sentence is used to convey strong feelings. There is an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence. It is known that an exclamatory sentence is stronger than a declarative sentence. Exclamation sentences are used to explain. It is also involved in the realization of excitement and emotion. Exclamation sentences are generally preferred in advertisements and informal correspondence.

1.How interesting he is!

2.That birthday girl was so beautiful!

3.Oh No! He is not coming to the party!

4.Sara, wipe the board!

5.There is a snake in the backyard!


7.ell, enough!

8.This is Sparta!

9.What beautiful roses!

10.Ice cream waffles are my favorite!

11.Hop, this is private property; You can not!

12.Wow, you didn’t win the exam!


14.Don’t talk, get out!

15.What a beautiful day!