50 Sentences of Would, Examples of Would Sentences in English

50 Sentences of Would, Examples of Would Sentences in English

1.Would you like ice?

2.I wouldn’t hurt you.

3.Alex wouldn’t say that.

4.I think that would be wise.

5.Who would want to hurt Samuel?

6.They wouldn’t refund my ticket.

7.I didn’t know that would happen.

8.Samuel knew Jessica would arrive late.

9.I figured it would be easy to do.

10.I’m sure Pam would agree with me.

11.She said that she would be help them move next month.

12.I would play the tennis when I was a child.

13.How about going to the circus tonight? It would so funny.

14.I wish they would stop fighting.

15.We are going to breakfast. Would you come? Yes, I would.

16.We knew he would be a doctor even when he was a little boy.

17.I knew I would win college this year.

18.What would Alex buy?

19.I would help you if I could.

20.I thought it would rain and I took my umbrella with me.

21.If I had not stayed with them tonight, they would be offended.

22.If you ate less, you would be weaker.

23.I thought Alex wouldn’t like Jessica.

24.I hoped you would, why did not you?

25.I said I would do my best.

26.I would rather have coffee than tea.

27.If you asked him, he would help you.

28.Would he always be like this?

29.I would rather eat pizza.

30.Would you lend me your pen?

31.I would swim every day.

32.Would that be wise?

33.I would’ve had a good time.

34.I would rather not go out tonight.

35.We wouldn’t like to read novels.

36.I would like to have a cup of tea.

37.I would rather watch the movie at home.

38.Would you like sugar and cream in your coffee?

39.Would you care to sit down?

40.We doubt Alex would be that stupid.

41.I would rather have breakfast.

42.The bouncer wouldn’t let him in.

43.Samuel would not be here before 8:00.

44.Wouldn’t that be neat?

45.I would love to eat soup.

46.I knew, I would graduate.

47.Would you drop off the flowers?

48.Would l go?

49.Would you like a cup of tea now?

50.I would play the tennis when I was a child.