14 Reported Speech Example Sentences

14 Reported Speech Example Sentences

1.Mark said “I need help with my work.”

2.Michel said she liked apple.

3.He said he had been walking along the Street.

4.He told us that they had visited their aunt the last week.

5.Hannah has said she goes school every day.

6.Mark says he is not so keen to see that film.

7.She said she watched TV every day.

8.She said that she was exhausted.

9.She said that she always drank white chocolate mocha.

10.Jack said he had been on the phone for three hours, when the call dropped.

11.She says the exam is very difficult.

12.Mary said, “My husband went with me to the show yesterday.”

13.He said he had gone to London the week before.

14.He said he could swim when he was four.