10 Compound Sentences in English

10 Compound Sentences in English

Compound sentences consist of at least two independent clauses. These coordinated sentences consisting of independent clauses can sometimes be difficult to construct. Compound sentences, which are the most established sentence types in English, can be formed with conjunctions. In addition, examples of compound sentences that can be combined with semicolons are included in the text. You can access the details about compound sentences by examining the article.

1.They can go wherever they want.

2.I don’t know whether she’ll be admitted to the university.

3.As Alex was arriving to work, he realized he forgot his lunch.

4.We were lost in the woods, but my brother had a map in his backpack.

5.Samuel did not like to read. He was not very good at it.

6.I use water when making pasta whereas my mom uses eggs.

7.We can not go on holiday, because we don’t have enough money.

8.I won’t go to the party though I was invited.

9.While she was walking I was running.

10.He had climbed many mountains when he was a boy.