5 Types of Sentences in English

5 Types of Sentences in English

Imperative Sentences

A imperative sentences tells someone to do something. It ends with a .


  • Complete these by tomorrow.
  • Be nice to your friends.


Declarative Sentences

A declarative sentences tells about something. It ends with a .


  • My father’s name is Mark.
  • I’m watching tv now.


Interrogative Sentences

A interrogative sentences asks something. It ends with a ?


  • What is your favorite food?
  • Who is cooking the brownies?


Exclamatory Sentences

A exclamatory sentences shows strong feeling. It ends with a !


  • OhI forgot about the meeting.
  • We’re are going to the holiday, Yippee!

Mandatory Sentence Type Examples

Mandatory sentences are used when telling someone to do something. It can be in the form of powerful commands. In these sentences, an exclamation point may be required to emphasize emotions. Examples are below:

  • You have to stop bothering me!
  • Put down your phone and listen to me now!
  • There was an accident, but calm down.
  • Start helping the house when you finish playing.