Prepositional Phrase List, By, At, For, In

Prepositional Phrase List, By, At, For, In


for a good cause

for the benefit (of)

for a reason

for a change

for certain

for fear of

for good

for granted

for hire

for lack of

for life

for love

for my

for real

for the good of

for the sake of

for want of

from experience



at one’s side

at a fraction of

at the outset

at sight

at the double

at one time

at a discount

at a distance

at a glance

at a rate of

at any rate

at breakfast

at ease

at fault

at full strength

at hand

at heart

at home



by chance

by the name of

by luck

by accident

by air

by sea

by land

by all accounts

by all means

by any standard

by appointment

by birth

by check

by coincidence

by courtesy of

by definition

by degrees

by design



in of focus

in of prison

in of season

in of stock

in of touch

in of use

in a heap

in a hurry

in a mess

in a pile

in a sense

in a temper

in abeyance

in abundance

in action

in addition to

in advance

in agony