20 Examples of Preposition, Definition and Example Sentences

20 Examples of Preposition, Definition and Example Sentences

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They are used with prepositions, pronouns, and noun phrases to show directions, places, times or to introduce an object. These prepositions, which take place in all kinds of sentences that you can see in daily life, bring together different sentences and connect them to a certain idea.

Although prepositions are generally short words, it is not possible to generalize as they are quite common in the English language and there are about one hundred and fifty.

In: This preposition is usually used for things like a room, building, street, book, paper. In addition to this use, public transport, pictures, and the world can be given as examples. For example: “I live in America.”

At: You can use this preposition when you are next to an object, sitting in a chair, for an activity, for a place where you are doing something. For example: “We made a plan to meet you at Starbucks.”

On: Use this preposition for when you are on an object, for your home garden, for something else connected to one thing, for public transport and media. For example: “We live in the flat just above you, so we are neighbors.” or “I saw what you’re talking about on Instagram.”

By, Next to, Beside: You can use these prepositions when you are to the right or left of an object or a person. For example: “My house is right next to the bank, so I can withdraw money easily.”

Over: Use this preposition for an object that is covered by something and when you mean more than what you describe. For example: “If you have a fever, don’t put a quilt over yourself.”

Here are 20 Examples of Preposition;


2.owing to









11.as well as


13.as far as


15.in addition to




19.because of

20.on top of