180 Phrasal Verbs List with IN

180 Phrasal Verbs List with IN

Phrasal Verbs

It is generally used with a verb, an adverb, or a preposition. An adverb or preposition added to the main verb changes the meaning of the actual verb, giving it a different meaning. Since it has a different meaning, it becomes an idiomatic verb. For example, if the preposition “up” is added to the verb “give”, we get the idiomatic verb “Give up” and it gains a new meaning regardless of the meaning of the two words that make it up.

Phrasal Verbs are divided into two as “separable” and “inseparable”.

Separable Phrasal Verbs

If a phrasal verb is separable, we can place the object between the main verb and the preposition or add it to the end of the phrasal verb phrase without separating it at all.

Inseparable Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verb type that cannot be placed in the middle of the phrasal verb phrase of the object of the sentence, therefore, must be used side by side and cannot be divided, is called “Inseparable phrasal verbs”. As an example, let’s use the phrasal verb “come across”, which is a combination of the words “come” and “across”, in a few sentences.

1.ante in

2.barge in

3.bash in

4.bat in

5.be in for

6.bear in upon

7.bear in with

8.bed in

9.believe in

10.bite in

11.blend in

12.bog in

13.book in

14.box in

15.brace in

16.break in

17.breathe in

18.brick in

19.bring in

20.build in

21.burst in

22.butt in

23.buy in

24.cash in

25.cave in

26.check in

27.chime in

28.chip in

29.chuck in

30.clock in

31.close in

32.close in on

33.clue in

34.color in

35.colour in

36.come in

37.come in for

38.come in from

39.come out in

40.confide in

41.consist in

42.count in

43.crowd in

44.dial in

45.dial it in

46.dig in

47.dive in

48.do in

49.dob in

50.drag in

51.draw in

52.drink in

53.factor in

54.fade in

55.fall in

56.fall in with

57.fence in

58.file in

59.fill in

60.fit in

61.get in on

62.get in with

63.get stuck in

64.get taken in

65.get up in

66.give in

67.go in

68.go in for

69.go in off

70.hand in

71.hang in

72.have in

73.have in mind

74.have it in for

75.heave in sight

76.hem in

77.hold in

78.home in on

79.hone in on

80.jack in

81.join in

82.keep in

83.keep in with

84.key in

85.lay in

86.lead in

87.lean in

88.let in

89.let in on

90.lie in

91.limp in

92.listen in

93.live in

94.lock in

95.mail it in

96.major in

97.move in

98.move in on

99.muck in

100.muscle in

101.pack in

102.page in

103.peck out

104.pen in

105.pencil in

106.phase in

107.phone in

108.pitch in

109.play in

110.plug in

111.plunge in

112.pop in

113.pour in

114.price in

115.pull in

116.punch in

117.push in

118.put in

119.put in with

120.rake in

121.read in

122.reel in

123.reign in

124.rein in

125.ring in

126.roll in

127.room in

128.rope in

129.round in

130.rub in

131.rub it in

132.rule in

133.run in

134.rush in

135.scope in

136.screen in

137.scrub in

138.see in

139.set in

140.settle in

141.show in

142.shut in

143.sight in

144.sign in

145.sink in

146.sit in

147.sit in for

148.sit in on

149.sleep in

150.slip in

151.slot in

152.slow in

153.snap in

154.sneak in

155.snow in

156.soak in

157.sock in

158.squeeze in

159.stand in

160.stand in for

161.stave in

162.stay in

163.step in

164.storm in

165.sub in

166.suck in

167.swap in

168.swear in

169.tail in

170.take in

171.take it out in

172.tap in

173.throw in

174.throw in with

175.toe in

176.trade in

177.truck in

178.tuck in

179.tune in

180.turn in