Phrasal Verbs for Shopping, Definition and Example Sentences

Phrasal Verbs for Shopping, Definition and Example Sentences

Phrasal Verbs

It is generally used with a verb, an adverb, or a preposition. An adverb or preposition added to the main verb changes the meaning of the actual verb, giving it a different meaning. Since it has a different meaning, it becomes an idiomatic verb. For example, if the preposition “up” is added to the verb “give”, we get the idiomatic verb “Give up” and it gains a new meaning regardless of the meaning of the two words that make it up.

Phrasal Verbs are divided into two as “separable” and “inseparable”.

Separable Phrasal Verbs

If a phrasal verb is separable, we can place the object between the main verb and the preposition or add it to the end of the phrasal verb phrase without separating it at all.

Inseparable Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verb type that cannot be placed in the middle of the phrasal verb phrase of the object of the sentence, therefore, must be used side by side and cannot be divided, is called “Inseparable phrasal verbs”. As an example, let’s use the phrasal verb “come across”, which is a combination of the words “come” and “across”, in a few sentences.

Help out

Meaning: To assist someone

Example Sentence: If you’ve got the time help out with our relative’s work.

Queue up

Meaning: Wait in a line behind people

Example Sentence: I hate having to queue up so early just to get football match tickets.

Pop into

Meaning: To visit briefly

Example Sentence: I’m going to pop into the supermarket for a moment.

Splash out

Meaning: Spend money freely

Example Sentence: He splashed out on a iPhone.

Sell out

Meaning: Sell all of the supply that you have of something

Example Sentence: Basketball games often sell out well in advance.

Put on

Meaning: To see if something is worth trying

Example Sentence: Alex put on his jacket.

Pay for

Meaning: Act of paying money

Example Sentence: She might pay for dinner.

Take off

Meaning: Remove a piece of clothing

Example Sentence: Remember to take your shoes off before entering the house.