50 Common Noun Examples in Sentences

50 Common Noun Examples in Sentences

Common Nouns

A noun is a word that names a person, animal, object, or place. Common nouns are words that name general things or items rather than specific ones. Common nouns can be seen in anything, and all nouns can be classified as common nouns. Common nouns are basic nouns that should be clear.

Common nouns name people, animals, and objects, but you need to know; If you use a common noun, that means you’re not giving a precise indication of what people, what animal, or what object you’re talking about.

Here are 100 Common Noun Examples in Sentences

If you say ‘female’ as a gender noun, that means you are not specific. You are talking about a woman in general, but if you say ‘Jennifer’, the woman becomes special and becomes a proper name. In conclusion, ‘female’ is a common noun because of its generality.

Noun Sentences

Nouns are used in place of people, places, animals, and emotions. Noun phrases appear by using nouns in sentences. Noun phrases are frequently used in English. Therefore, if you want to construct sentences correctly in your daily life, you need to pay attention to grammar. The article contains all the details.

  • I have a house in Istanbul.
  • Henry is my uncle’s child.
  • My cat’s name is Hazelnut.
  • That villa is a huge place.

50 Common Noun Examples in Sentences

1.She likes to paint by herself.

2.We went fishing after school.

3.You are very lazy.

4.You don’t teach your cat tricks.

5.I would like to help you.

6.I will get myself a coffee.

7.I will not take it from you.

8.He does not goes to gym every day.

9.He is my best friend.

10.I learnt English by myself.

11.Alex isn’t telling the truth.

12.They killed him.

13.You are not an engineer.

14.My mom likes to paint by herself.

15.You will not come with me.

16.I really need someone.

17.This was a threat to us.

18.I told my father that I wanted to go to London.

19.I can’t come home early today.

20.Argentina is not a country in Europe.

21.She learned to read by herself.

22.These are for you.

23.I want to do something.

24.You should go take it from him.

25.They speak English in USA.

26.They are the smartest kids here.

27.We don’t have a house.

28.I have got a sister.

29.I lost my wallet last week.

30.Today we will come.

31.I will help you.

32.No one attended the parent meeting.

33.I don’t take the trash out.

34.Some people won’t eat spicy foods.

35.I bought a new house.

36.This is mine dog.

37.Mary hasn’t cooked some cookies.

38.I play volleyball.

39.You are lazy students.

40.My father will not come with us today.

41.They live near here.

42.My father didn’t go to work in the morning.

43.It wasn’t me knocking on your door.

44.They sleep in the afternoon.

45.We don’t work very hard.

46.You are an engineer.

47.This was not a threat to us.

48.I came to see you yesterday.

49.You should take care of yourself.

50.It bites everyone.