5 Abstract Nouns, Examples of Abstract Nouns With Sentences

5 Abstract Nouns, Examples of Abstract Nouns With Sentences

Abstract Nouns

Abstract nouns are one of those topics that everyone finds difficult to understand. The terms abstract nouns and concrete nouns are frequently used mixed up. Usually, individuals who are unfamiliar with abstract nouns wish to obtain a more in-depth explanation. There is a lot of interest and desire to learn about abstract nouns because they make the English language a rich one. If something is seen as abstract, it is physically inaccessible, and accessible only through the mind.

When studying abstract nouns, it is important to keep in mind that they are things that cannot be physically contacted. Abstract nouns include words like evil, beauty, knowledge to name a few. Abstract nouns are ones that cannot always be felt by the five senses, and they are nouns that have can only be acknowledged by the mind.

5 Examples of Abstract Noun Sentences

  1. intelligence
  2. friendship
  3. jealous
  4. funny
  5. angels

Abstract Noun Example Sentences

  • Another point that distinguishes animals from humans is their intelligence.
  • Our friendship with Abdullah and Mehmet has been like this for a very long time.
  • It is natural for siblings to be so jealous of each other.
  • Your funny moves made everyone laugh like crazy.
  • Mothers always treat their children like angels.