10 Examples of Modals

10 Examples of Modals

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Modal Verbs

Modal verbs show ability, possibility, intention or necessity. Since they are a kind of auxiliary verb, they are used with the main verb of the sentence. Common examples include “can“, “must” and “should“.

Modal verbs can sometimes be misleading, especially when it comes to using them in a sentence. Fortunately, modal verbs are pretty simple once you know how they work.

Modal verbs are used to express certain imprecise conditions, such as advice, abilities, or wishes. They are used next to the main verb to partially change its meaning. They cannot be used alone because they are auxiliary verbs. As an exception to this situation, modal verbs should appear alone only if it is clear from context what the main verb is.

10 Examples of Modals

1.I might see her in the evening.

2.I wished I might go abroad.

3.You might send your gifts for Christmas early.

4.If the doctor is inside, might I enter?

5.I could play a guitar when I was a child.

6.I could smell something burning.

7.I would help you with Spanish.

8.She promised she would tutor me.

9.Could you hand me the pencil?

10.I could help you with Spanish.