Determiners Class 11, Definition and Example Sentences

Determiners Class 11, Definition and Example Sentences


The issue of determiners, which is one of the subjects that people have the most trouble with when speaking English or writing any text in English, is a subject that is often confused by people who are just starting to learn English. Even though people think of only “the” and “a, an” on this subject, there are more than that in English.

Indicators in English are always words and phrases used before nouns. Indicators that come before a noun are patterns that indicate the amount or quantity of the words they come before.


What Are Determiners?

Determiners, which are words or phrases that precede a noun, are words used to emphasize any feature of nouns. While these words sometimes indicate the amount of a name, sometimes they describe an object belonging to a person. In some cases, it is even seen that markers are used to point to an object. We can summarize the most frequently used tokens in a table as follows:

A / anTheThisThatThese
OurTheirMostMost ofA large number of
A great manyA couple ofWhichWhatWhose


Determiners Word Examples

Markers, which are used to describe a name in a different way to be more effective, are also used to tell readers or listeners the details they need and the more interesting features of the objects. For example, the phrase “the computer” is not as remarkable as the phrase “my computer”.

SeveralA fewManyMost

I think most students at my school do not deserve to study in this school.


I am no longer friends with none of the people I met in elementary school.

BothManyMostA good manyA great manySeveral

A few students at my school had to study for some classes again because they did not come to school regularly.

A littleMuchA good deal ofA great deal ofA great amount of

A great amount of food was given to the animals that live in streets.

Determiners Sentence Examples

If you want to add a wealth of meaning to what you are talking about when you are explaining anything in English, Determiners is a grammar subject that you must learn. Here are some examples of sentences related to this topic:

  • Wanna have some non-dairy coffee to wake up to?
  • My aunt’s library had many books to count.
  • It was their spending of huge sums of money that caused them to go bankrupt.
  • Most of the students I was in the same class passed the exam, but I did not pass.
  • Due to the pandemic, several cases have been postponed to be heard after the pandemic.
  • You can borrow any book I have in my library, just be sure to let me know ahead of time.
  • Although my school wanted to open a summer school, it did not have enough teachers, so my school could not open a summer school.
  • He had some psychological problems that could not be treated with medication.