10 Examples of Determiners and Sentences

10 Examples of Determiners and Sentences


The issue of determiners, which is one of the subjects that people have the most trouble with when speaking English or writing any text in English, is a subject that is often confused by people who are just starting to learn English. Even though people think of only “the” and “a, an” on this subject, there are more than that in English.

Indicators in English are always words and phrases used before nouns. Indicators that come before a noun are patterns that indicate the amount or quantity of the words they come before.


What Are Determiners?

Determiners, which are words or phrases that precede a noun, are words used to emphasize any feature of nouns. While these words sometimes indicate the amount of a name, sometimes they describe an object belonging to a person. In some cases, it is even seen that markers are used to point to an object. We can summarize the most frequently used tokens in a table as follows:

A / anTheThisThatThese
OurTheirMostMost ofA large number of
A great manyA couple ofWhichWhatWhose

10 Examples of Determiners and Sentences

1.Whose pencil is this?

2.All nations want to be independent.

3.I saw an accident of a car.

4.These are cats. (Used when singular and plural.)

5.Your family is a very happy people.

6.You have a lot of people on Instagram.

7.You have two days left to complete that project.

8.Sorry, I’m too busy, I have other work to do.

9.This is a lake.

10.I’m not a troublemaker. I’m the troublemaker!