20 Linking Verbs List and Example Sentences in English

20 Linking Verbs List and Example Sentences in English


 What Are Linking Verbs?

Actions of interest are those that don’t seem to imply a specific event or activity. By elaborating the information offered about the subject, the noun or adjective employed immediately after these activities transform the subject (Subject) into a descriptive complement (Subject Complement). These verbs include all versions of the verb “to be” (be) as well as some unique activities. The verbs “be,” “seem,” and “become” all fit under this group, although other verbs differ in their meaning and placement in the phrase.

Linking Verbs List

  1. am
  2. is
  3. are
  4. was
  5. were
  6. appear
  7. become
  8. feel
  9. has been
  10. have been
  11. had been
  12. will be
  13. shall be
  14. grow
  15. look
  16. remain
  17. may be
  18. might be
  19. can be
  20. should be

Since we’ve figured out what a connecting verb is, let’s move on to the next question: “What is a linking verb?” Here are some phrases that employ connecting verbs, with the linking verbs highlighted in bold:

  1. My little brother is excited about his final performance.
  2. Your old sister seems upset about the announcement.
  3. The boiled eggs smell rotten.
  4. My friend went red after tripping on the rug.
  5. Your wedding plans sound nice. I’m looking forward to it!
  6. You look exhausted after studying all night long.
  7. I am putty in her hands.
  8. My friend Amy might have been forthcoming with the news.
  9. Tom and Chris acted nervous when our teacher found the note about her.
  10. The audience fell silent when the conductor walked on stage suddenly.
  11. Our dreams come true when we believe in them strongly.
  12. The crowd stayed calm despite the imminent threat.
  13. All the children in the class seem satisfied with the bouncy castle.
  14. Your cousin Brian felt sleepy after eating the whole pizza.
  15. The cinnamon rolls taste heavenly.
  16. Building the house was difficult for them in this place.
  17. My boyfriend text me that he had a bad dream about us.
  18. The spectators remained silent after the injury on the field.
  19. He became suspicious when he saw the safe was open.
  20. The weather was good and accommodating, and the party continued.