What is Collective Noun? Collective Noun List and Example Sentences

What is Collective Noun? Collective Noun List and Example Sentences

Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are words that are used to mention a group of people, animals, or objects. Examples of these names are provided in the next section. Nouns in English are classified into three primary categories based on their number: single, plural, and collective nouns. Singular nouns are the smallest of the three categories. For example, the word “table” is single, but the term “tables” is multiple in this context. Nouns belonging to a community, on the other hand, have a single structure but a plural meaning.

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For example, the term “A Group” is used to refer to a group of people rather than a single individual, despite the fact that it does not include a plural suffix. Even though singular words are given the plural suffix, they are not considered community nouns in the traditional sense. For example, when we say “books” or “computers,” even though we are referring to more than one item, these terms are regarded as plural nouns, rather than collective nouns, since they refer to more than one object.

  • I’ve been missing my “family” since I went to England, and it’s a terrible feeling.
  • The physical education instructor instructs the pupils to form a “pair” line.
  • Our “convoy” has arrived and is ready to go.
  • I dedicate my achievement to the whole “community” in which we live.
  • Do you intend to attend the “association” meeting scheduled for tomorrow?
  • The coach said that his “team” is prepared for the game scheduled for tomorrow.
  • For my mother’s birthday, I purchased a “bouquet” of roses for her.
  • Volkan was re-elected as the “class” president with twenty-one votes, securing his second term in office.
  • I was given a “dozen” pens by our father, which I shared with my sister.


  • My mother became a member of the “union” of the school’s family.
  • In order to live peacefully with one another, we must adhere to the norms of “society.”
  • A special “committee” was set up by the government to investigate and evaluate the incident.
  • Unfortunately, the members of the “jury” could not make a fair choice.
  • In the movie, a “pack” of wolves attacked the town.
  • The “audience” at last night’s play was very lively.
  • I wasn’t able to see her in the “crowd”.
  • The “gang” has three new members.
  • He had a “stack” of papers in his hand.
  • Mary was re-elected as the “class” president with twenty-one votes.

Community Nouns as Verbs

Collective nouns are singular, thus they must be associated with singular verbs. The fact that collective nouns relate to groups of people and things may seem to be counter-intuitive. However, it’s important to remember that they are single in grammatical terms.

You wouldn’t say, “The convoy are large,”. Instead, you would use a single verb and say something like, “The convoy is large.” As another example, you can say, “The community offers a variety of programs for the elderly.” This phrase has the collective noun “community”, and we have appropriately utilized the singular word offers to express this.

Most Common Collective Nouns List

Pack of Cards

a ream of paper

a reel of film

a set of clubs

a sheaf of grain

a stack of wood

a string of pearls

a wad of notes

a pack of cards

a packet of letters

a pair of shoes

a heap of rubbish

a hedge of bushes

a library of books

an outfit of clothes

a pack of thieves

a pack of cards

a packet of letters

a pair of shoes

a quiver of arrows

a range of mountains

a ream of paper

a reel of film

a set of clubs

a staff of employees

A string of pearls

A wad of notes

Agenda of Tasks

Anthology of Poems

Anthology of Prose

A hand of bananas

A harvest of wheat

A heap of rubbish

A hedge of bushes

Atlas of Maps

Fitting of Sails

Fleet of Boats

Fleet of Cars

Quiver of Arrows

Range of Mountains

Roll of Coins

Rope of Onions

Rope of Pearls

Rouleau of Money

Round of Drinks

Serving of Spoons

Fleet of Vehicles

Flight of Aeroplanes

Flight of Stairs

Garland of Sonnets

a string of horses

a stud of horses

a swarm of bees

A colony of badgers