45 Collective Nouns Things For Animals

45 Collective Nouns Things For Animals

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Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are words that are used to mention a group of people, animals, or objects. Examples of these names are provided in the next section. Nouns in English are classified into three primary categories based on their number: single, plural, and collective nouns. Singular nouns are the smallest of the three categories. For example, the word “table” is single, but the term “tables” is multiple in this context. Nouns belonging to a community, on the other hand, have a single structure but a plural meaning.

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For example, the term “A Group” is used to refer to a group of people rather than a single individual, despite the fact that it does not include a plural suffix. Even though singular words are given the plural suffix, they are not considered community nouns in the traditional sense. For example, when we say “books” or “computers,” even though we are referring to more than one item, these terms are regarded as plural nouns, rather than collective nouns, since they refer to more than one object.

  • a forest of trees
  • a hail of bullets
  • a hand of bananas
  • a harvest of wheat
  • a heap of rubbish
  • a hedge of bushes
  • a library of books
  • an outfit of clothes
  • an orchard of fruit trees
  • a pack of cards
  • a packet of letters
  • a pair of shoes
  • a quiver of arrows
  • a range of mountains
  • a ream of paper
  • a reel of film
  • a set of clubs
  • a sheaf of grain
  • a shower of rain
  • a stack of wood
  • a string of pearls
  • a wad of notes
  • an album of photographs
  • an anthology of poems
  • an archipelago of islands
  • a bale of cotton
  • a basket of fruit
  • a batch of bread
  • a battery of guns
  • a block of flats
  • a book of notes
  • a bouquet of flowers
  • a bowl of rice
  • a bunch of keys
  • a bundle of sticks
  • a catalogue of prices
  • a chest of drawers
  • a cluster of coconuts
  • a cloud of dust
  • a clump of bushes
  • a collection of coins
  • a comb of bananas
  • a galaxy of stars
  • a group of islands
  • a fleet of ships