What is Possessive Adjective? Possessive Adjectives List and Example Sentences

What is Possessive Adjective? Possessive Adjectives List and Example Sentences

Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives express the belonging of an object or thing. Unlike possessive pronouns, which replace nouns, possessive adjectives precede nouns to replace them. Possessive adjectives can help organize sentences, just like independent possessive pronouns. To understand what is being said here, let’s first look at a sentence that does not contain possessive adjectives and sounds a bit cumbersome:

Bill loves Bill’s car.

It seems odd to use the name Bill twice in this sentence. A possessive adjective that we will use here eliminates the problem.

Bill loves his car very much.

As can be seen from the example, possessive adjectives are very useful and are frequently used in the English language. To give more examples:

My favorite red dress got dirty.

Your breakfast is not ready yet.

Can you bring me my coffee with milk?

The door of my new car is broken.

Their newborn babies are crying.


Possessive Adjectives Table

If you want to learn better the possessive adjectives that come before the noun describe the noun in a better way and indicate whom the thing belongs to, you need to learn the table below thoroughly. After learning this table, you will have an idea of ​​both subject and object and possessive adjectives:

SubjectObjectPossessive Adjective


Things to Consider When Using Possessive Adjectives

A very common mistake is to put an apostrophe in the possessive adjective “its”. It should be noted that an apostrophe is never used in possessive adjectives.

The dog barked a lot because he lost his toy.

The dog barked a lot because he lost his’ toy.

Before you talk about a book, you should read book’s contents.

Before you talk about a book, you should read book’ the contents.

While the first sentences in the examples we have given above are correct sentences, the sentences below are incorrect sentences with spelling mistakes.


Sentence Examples About Possessive Adjectives

In order to better understand the possessive adjectives, which are used quite frequently in English and can cause a lack of meaning in the sentence, you need to review many examples related to this topic. We have prepared many examples of possessive adjectives for you. We can list the sentences with possessive adjectives that we have prepared for you as follows:

I say my car is more expensive than your car, why don’t you believe me?

Did you watch Inception, the other movie he starred in?

How would you like to have dinner with wine at my house tonight?

Don’t forget to put the work I need to do on my desk today.

Even though we live in the same house, you never leave your room, we are about to forget your face.

My phone has not received the update to the new version of Android, does your phone have this problem too?

My computer keeps giving blue screen errors and no one can fix these errors.