Describing Words That Start With V

Describing Words That Start With V

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Adjectives that change a noun or a noun phrase in English add new meanings to the word they change and help the word gain a more special meaning by changing the meaning of that word. Adjectives that you must use to describe anything in English are a grammar subject that anyone who wants to learn English must know.

Describing Words Types;

1. Comparative adjectives

2. Superior adjectives

3. Predicate adjectives

4. Compound adjectives

5. Possessive adjectives

6. Demonstrative Adjectives

7. Proper adjectives

8. Participatory adjectives

9. Interrogative adjectives

Describing Words That Start With V;

  • verdant
  • vernacular
  • versatile
  • versed
  • very
  • vicarious
  • vigilant
  • villainous
  • vinegary
  • violent
  • virtual
  • virtuous
  • virulent
  • vital
  • vivacious
  • voiceless