Descriptive Adjectives Types and Example Sentences

Descriptive Adjectives Types and Example Sentences

Large: big, colossal, enormous, significant, massive

Small: little, minute, tiny, wee, petite

Happy: content, glad, pleased, blissful, joyful

Sad: gloomy, dejected, blue, unhappy, hearth broken

Good: great, superior, fantastic, excellent, amazing

Bad: awful, terrible, horrible, horrific, shameful

Said: yelled, called, asked, replied, stated, told

Scary: haunting, creppy, eerie, ghostly, unnerving

Funny: comical, witty, gleeful, laughable, amusing

Example Sentences

  • There are greenred and pink skirts in my closet.
  • Ancient, precious coins are exhibited in this museum.
  • I asked my father for a smallsolid laptop in red.
  • I bought a new and expensive car but it was very comfortable.
  • They ate some delicious food.