10 Common Writing Mistakes in English

10 Common Writing Mistakes

then vs than

then: adverb, at the time

than: used after comparative adjectives


were vs we’re

were: past tense of verb “to be”

we‘re: contraction of “we are”


to vs too

to: preposition

too: adverb, also


your vs you’re

your: possessive pronoun

you’re: contraction of “you are”


whose vs who’s

whose: possessive form of who

who’s: contraction of “who is”


its vs it’s

its: a possessive pronoun

it’s: contraction of “it is”


write vs right

write: verb, Express in writing

right: adjective, correct, suitable


effect vs affect

effect: noun, produced by a cause

affect: verb, to act on


here vs hear

here: adverb, in this spot, place

hear: verb, to perceive by ear


gone vs went

gone: past participle of “go”

went: past tense of the verb “go”