What is Homonym? Definition and Homonyms Example Sentences

What is Homonym? Definition and Homonyms Example Sentences

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Although both spelling and meaning are different, words that are the same in pronunciation, that is, in pronunciation, are called “homonyms“. Homonymous words are divided into two in terms of meaning and articulation.

Homographs are words that are spelled the same and have different meanings. As an example of these words, we can give the word “lead”. The word “lead” means both “bullet” and “leadership”. Let’s give a few more examples:

  • Address
  • Band
  • Bat
  • Match
  • Mean
  • Right
  • Ring

Homophones are the case of homophony. Although these words have different meanings and are spelled differently, they are pronounced the same way.

  • Ware – wear – where
  • Bear – bare

As can be easily seen in the examples given above, although their pronunciation, that is, their pronunciation, is the same, the meanings and spellings of these words are completely different.


Homonyms Examples

The most honored knight in the empire was found dead in his bed last night.

Did the plane with a plain design take off from this airport two days ago?

A poll was made about which country the Antarctic continent, located at the poles, would be given.

Since it was time to collect the cereals planted in the field, a serial harvesting process was started.

He fell to his death in the aisle of the deserted house located on the deserted isle, no one could find his dead body because he was on a deserted isle.

After he said goodbye to me, he started down the stairs and gave me a sad stare as he left the house.

I got very angry with my dog for biting my two gigabyte video card and yelled at her out loud.

The woman, whose hair was dyed red, died in the basement of her two-story home.

All of the gold and expensive items in this church are wholly holy.

-Did Sarah tell you where she was going before she left home, or do you have any idea where she’s going?
No, Sarah didn’t tell me anything, and I don’t know where she went.

Today we received the news of the death of Alexander’s dog, which has not eaten anything for weeks and is getting weaker day by day.

Benjamin’s grades are known to be better than Joe’s grades, then Benjamin should be our class president.

Just yesterday, I learned that the gender of the postman who brings our mail every day is not male.

We bought tickets for this plane days ago, but even though we have been waiting for the plane for hours, our plane still hasn’t arrived and this makes us very angry.

She acted in one of the most striking scenes of one of the most popular movies ever seen.

I have been telling my mother that my eyes are missing for months, but my mother still insists on not taking me to the doctor.

I never met him again because he took me out to eat meat on our first date because I’m a vegetarian.

Curious students were watching him, as he was writing what he wrote in his notebook with his left hand, not with his right hand.