Shape Names in English, Definition and Shape Examples with Pictures

Shape Names in English, Definition and Shape Examples with Pictures

Shapes in English

Shapes are everywhere in our lives. All the objects we look at are like a picture made up of one or more shapes. Although we are three-dimensional creatures, we can only see in two dimensions. Therefore, shapes allow us to make sense of the three-dimensional objects that three-dimensional creatures like us see as two-dimensional in the universe. It is not possible for us to see a shape in nature because nature itself is three-dimensional and shapes are two-dimensional. Now let’s talk about some shapes and try to find out what they are basically.



We can say that the square shape is a geometrically regular shape, and it is a closed geometric shape with four sides of equal angles and lengths. Today’s display technologies consist of millions, and sometimes even billions, of tiny, even very small, squares. Since old-style television screens and monitors contain fewer pixels, we can easily perceive this with our naked eyes.



Triangle shape is the name given to closed geometric shapes with three sides and three angles. There are three kinds of triangles. These can be listed as “equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, scalene triangle”. Equilateral triangles, as the name suggests, are triangles that have three equal sides and three equal angles. In an isosceles triangle, the number of equal sides and angles decreases to two, as the name suggests, it has two equal sides and two equal angles. All angles and side lengths of a scalene triangle are different from each other. It is possible to reach almost all geometric shapes using triangles.



Perhaps one of the most familiar geometric shapes, the circle is the name given to the area inside the circle. It can occur frequently in daily life. For example, we see a pizza as a circle. When painting, we draw the sun as a circle. Some traffic signs are also circular in shape.



An oval is simply a stretched circle. The oval, almost like a circle, is thinner and longer. If you want to think of an oval, most of you will probably think of an egg. An egg is generally slightly oval in shape. Moreover, Earth’s orbit is not circular, but rather oval-shaped.


Pentagon, Hexagon, Hexagon, Octagon

A pentagon has five sides, a hexagon has six sides, a heptagon has seven, and an octagon has eight. Shapes with more than four sides are usually named according to how many sides they have. Traffic “stop” signs are generally octagonal in most parts of the world. Pentagon, which is a government building in the USA, is pentagon-shaped as its name suggests. Bees usually make hexagonal honeycombs.



What distinguishes a rectangle, which is quite similar to a square, from a square, in general, is that two of its four sides are either longer or shorter than the others. This feature makes the rectangle look like a stretched square. Many items in our house, especially books, yoga mats, and blankets, are rectangular. Because of its geometric properties, a square is also a rectangle.