15 Colors Name in English, Colors Names and Examples

15 Colors Name in English, Colors Names and Examples

Colors in English

Colors are almost indispensable in our lives. Red, yellow and blue is known as primary colors. They are pure and are not made up of mixtures of any other colors. Purple, green, and orange colors are known as intermediate colors. Because they are made of a mixture of more than one color. Purple color is obtained from the mixture of red and blue, the green color blue and yellow, the orange color red and yellow. Colors are more than what we counted here and there will always be more. We, humans, are generally alive and cannot see colors beyond what we can perceive. We probably can’t imagine a new color that we’ve never seen before, and if we try to imagine it, we can’t get away with it.


The color blue appears in nature not as a pigment in general, but through the refraction of light. For example, when we look at the oceans, seas, and sky, we can easily see the color blue.



When we look at nature in our world, almost the most common color we encounter, and even when we say nature, the first color that comes to the eyes of almost everyone is green. Leaves of trees stem from plants, some fruits and grass are green.



This color, which can be seen a lot when we look at nature on our planet, also constitutes the eye color of a large part of our species. The trunks of trees and coffee beans are just two examples of this color.



When we look at nature and the universe in our world, examples of red, a color that we can easily see, are always insufficient. It is possible to encounter red colors from volcanic lava to roses, from blood in our body to some stars in the sky.



Purple, which is an intermediate color, also appears in nature. While some may think of a violet, others may think of nebulae.



Orange, which is an intermediate color like purple, consists of a mixture of yellow and red primary colors. For example, fruits such as orange, tangerine, and some flowers can be given as examples of this color.



The leaves of a flower, the autumn season, our sun… Each of these usually evokes the color yellow. The color yellow has become a symbol of enlightenment for many people. So much so that it is even on the flags of some countries just because of this meaning. As humanity, the natural hair color of some of our species is also blond.

1.Alice blue

2.Antique white







9.Blanched almond


11.Blue violet



14.Cadet blue