10 Land Transport Name List in English

10 Land Transport Name List in English

Land Transport Names

 What Are the Land Transports?

Transportation refers to the act of transferring or transporting something from one location to another using a vehicle. It can be accomplished by land, sea, or air. These are the three modes of transportation, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Each form of transportation has a large number of vehicles. So, here are the names of vehicles that may be used for land, ocean, or air travel.

The transportation of people, animals, or goods from one location to another through the land is known as land transport. On land, transportation is available via road or rail. The following is a list of vehicle names and their definitions:

  1. Bicycle: A two-wheeled vehicle featuring steering handlebars and forward-moving pedals.
  2. Autorickshaw: A three-wheeled rickshaw with a motor for propulsion. It is mostly utilized in South Asia.
  3. Car: A vehicle with four wheels, an engine, and the capacity to carry passengers according to its size.
  4. Bus: A huge vehicle with four to ten wheels that are commonly used for public transportation.
  5. Truck: A huge truck that is mostly used to transport products.
  6. Bike: A motorbike, to be precise. It has two wheels and can accommodate one passenger.
  7. Train: A vehicle having many linked carriages that are used to convey huge amounts of products or for public transportation.
  8. Tractor: A big vehicle with large rear wheels that are utilized for agricultural operations.
  9. Van: Designed to transport commodities
  10. Taxi: Meant for passengers