10 flowers name in english

10 flowers name in english

Flowers Name

The flower is the scientific name given to the structure that carries the reproductive organs in plants. A flower consists of 4 parts and surrounds the reproductive organs from the outside, protecting them from external influences. They are usually fragrant and colorful parts of plants.


It is a flower known for its beautiful scent and has an important meaning for some cultures. Usually, red and white roses are popular, but there are also black ones and they are quite special. It is the flower that symbolizes love in world literature, poetry, and novels, even in songs.


Tulips, which have a special place in eastern culture and mythology, are from the lily family. Tulips, which were once a symbol of art for the Middle East, also found a place for themselves in poems, novels, and sometimes love songs, just like roses.


Carnations, which have colors such as purple, pink, red, and white, are known for their beautiful scent. Although it is easy to grow at home, it is mostly grown in greenhouses. They grow healthily in temperate climates, in the very little sun or semi-shaded environments. We can list its varieties as large-flowered carnation, scattered carnation, and dwarf and mass-flowered carnation.


They are seasonal flowering plants of the Lilium genus of the lily family, which generally reproduce with onions. Although about one hundred and ten plant species are belonging to this genus in the lily family, it is generally grown in the garden.

10 Flowers Names, Flowers Types and Names




4.Arabian Jasmine




8.Bachelor Button

9.Balloon Flower

10.Bee Balm