10 Body Parts Names in English

10 Body Parts Names in English

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Parts of the Body

In this article, we will talk about the parts of the body in English. There are many parts of our body, and each of these parts has a different biological importance for our life. Each of these parts is of great importance for our health. Our skeleton is made up of bones, our organs around or inside our skeleton, our skin that surrounds all these… Biologically, every part of our body is functional and important. We have so many pieces that we can’t finish counting them.

The human body is a set of systems consisting of physical and chemical structures. The body is the material part of human health and consists of elements that work in harmony with each other for the preservation of human existence and the continuity of the lineage. The most basic unit of the human body is the cell. Cells and intercellular substances combine to form tissues. Tissues form organs as formal and functional units. Structural organ unions that perform the same physiological function also constitute the systems of the body.

10 Body Parts Names






6.Little finger