10 Action Words and Example Sentences

10 Action Words and Example Sentences

Action verbs are verbs that are used to describe a specific job or activity. In the sentence, there is a subject who performs the task and an object who is influenced by the request. These verbs are also referred to as transitive verbs because they take an object as their subject.

Specifically, action verbs respond to the questions of “what” and “who”. As a result, by asking these questions to verbs, it is possible to identify if they are action verbs or not such as delete, tell, clean, write, take, lift, and drink.

The following are some examples of sentences with action verbs:

I watched as my mother threw the stone she was holding into the water.

In this sentence, the word throw is used as an action verb. The action of throwing has taken place on an object. Alternatively, the question “what” can be answered.

To tell the truth, I finally broke down and said it to him

The thieves stole a large sum of money from my home

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is the correct answer.

My father painted the walls of the house.

He watched the championship game again.