10 Transition Words List and Example Sentences

10 Transition Words List and Example Sentences

Transition Words

There are a variety of transition phrases that may be used in sentences. Following the construction of a sentence, transitions are used to connect one statement to another. As a result, the following phrase explains the many meanings of the previous sentences. Let’s get a better understanding of it.

Expressions That Cause Others to Think in A Different Way

Occasionally, in our speeches and writings, we will combine two or more diverse points of view in the same sentence. Whenever this occurs, we use a variety of terms to convey the fact that our thoughts shift, we go from one notion to another.

Transitional expressions shift the direction of the mind and are used to bridge the gap between two ideas, such as moving from positive to negative thoughts or from negative to positive.

In English, the following are examples of expressions that shift the direction of mind and lead to different thinking: but, yet, however, therefore, if not, whereas, despite…

  • I like the French course, but I am having difficulty understanding some of the topics covered.
  • Despite his “sincere” apology to me, he continues to repeat the same way.
  • You didn’t show up last night, despite the fact that you had committed to do so.











Example Sentences

  • I can pass after the green light is on.
  • Although she speaks seldom, she says meaningful words.
  • I went to bed at 10 pm as I had a plane to catch at 7 am.
  • She talks as if he was rich.
  • You can go as long as you are good.
  • I hate broccoli as much as I hate cauliflower.
  • As soon as I went to home, I started to work.
  • It seems as though she is in trouble.
  • She usually eats at home, because she likes cooking.
  • My work must be finished before afternoon.