40 Sentences of Simple Past Tense, Example Sentences

40 Sentences of Simple Past Tense, Example Sentences

1.I enrolled to the Pilates course.

2.Dr Smith healed the patient.

3.They bought 2 tickets for the U2 concert.

4.Michael studied hard all year.

5.Did you play football last day?

6.I missed the class last week.

7.My brother drank a glass of milk 2 hours ago.

8.They had a meeting with her colleagues.

9.They were students last year.

10.They lived in the Spain.

11.Did they lose the match?

12.A gardener swept up dead leaves.

13.We listened to music.

14.Where was she at 7 o’clock last night?

15.Amelia chose to stay with her father.

16.Mary forgot to turn off the light.

17.I cancelled my meeting for tomorrow.

18.I went to school yesterday.

19.We played basketball last Sunday.

20.We saw the Eiffel Tower.

21.I watched TV last week.

22.We ate meat with my best friend yesterday.

23.The bus stopped a few minutes ago.

24.I met my wife 9 years ago.

25.She left the school in 2010.

26.He bought a new house last month.

27.Did she clean her home?

28.I read an interesting book last month.

29.We did a lot of shopping at the shopping mall.

30.He cut his finger and went to hospital.

31.I went to bed early yesterday.

32.George came home very late last night.

33.I forgot my wallet.

34.He had a dog last year.

35.Last year I traveled to Germany.

36.Two boys played with a ball.

37.An old lady walked with her cat.

38.A nurse brought a little girl baby to the park.

39.An old man sat down and read his book.

40.A large trunk came around the corner.