25 Simple Present Tense Example Sentences

25 Simple Present Tense Example Sentences

Present Simple Tense

The Present Simple Tense is the most used tense in English and is a Tense that people use to describe things they always do. This Tense tells us how often something is done or whether it is done in daily life. The Present Simple Tense, which is used for routine tasks that are done continuously and repeated every day, is also used for scientific facts. In addition, the Present Simple Tense is used when talking about events that are accepted by everyone and situations in which people agree.


How to Do the Present Simple Tense?

The Simple Present Tense, the first time taught in English, is also a pretty simple Tense for learning sentence sequences. In order to construct a sentence in English, you must first use the subject, then the predicate, and then the object. We can summarize the order of English sentences as subject-verb-object.

Here are 25 Simple Present Tense Example Sentences;

1.20 workers work in the factory.

2.Trees shed their leaves in autumn.

3.Children love the park.

4.I like reading detective stories.

5.Water freezes at zero degrees.

6.The Sun rises in the east.

7.Alex has a basketball.

8.The water of this stream is not clean.

9.She lives in London.

10.I and my sister don’t see each other anymore.

11.She doesn’t live here.

12.He goes to school.

13.You don’t need me anymore.

14.I don’t like spinach.

15.There are 5 cars in the parking lot.

16.I like geography and science.

17.Every Tuesday there is a math lesson at school.

18.We walk slowly.

19.Fish is an aquatic animal.

20.Villagers do not like to talk much.

21.A chemist sells medicines.

22.She is always hungry.

23.I have breakfast at half past seven.

24.Does she live in Paris?

25.He gets up early every day.