20 Examples of Synonyms With Sentences

20 Examples of Synonyms With Sentences

1.The most beautiful/attractive woman was walking down the street.

2.We need to discuss this business agreement’s details in a broader/wider

3.The cat was scared/afraid of the barks of the dogs there.

4.Are you insane/crazy? You need to learn how to behave in the public sphere.

5.As a brief/short story, I spend all my money on a graphics card. Does it worth it? Totally.

6.This place is dangerous/unsafe. We need to get out of here immediately.

7.My cat is a bit chubby/plump. I worry about its health issues.

8.The camping site was amazing/incredible. All of us should go there together.

9.I could not receive your answer/reply last night. I am asking again, who was the girl?

10.The father said you must not be in bad/sinful jobs in your life. Or else, you go to hell.

11.Our new campus is big/enormous. I am looking forward to celebrating spring break here.

12.I hurt/damaged myself today, to see if I still feel.

13.The speaker of the presentation is telling an interesting/fascinating thing to know.

14.Hold/Keep the door, he shouted.

15.This place/area is a bit drowning.

16.What is your position/location?

17.The kid’s short sleep on the hammock was the most peaceful/restful moment of his life.

18.First, you need to find a proper/right location to set up your tent.

19.Our hero claims/demands the warrior’s heart.

20.There was a sincerity/intimacy between me and her.