What is Slang? Slang Words, Meanings and Examples

What is Slang? Slang Words, Meanings and Examples

Slang in English

It is possible to make more than one definition of the slang word. To talk about and to summarize in general, slang is the name given to a special language that people in the same field of activity adopt and use separately from the common language used, that cannot be understood by everyone, and includes their own unique words and phrases. There are slang words that we encounter frequently in our daily lives. However, some slang words are not suitable for use everywhere and all the time, and if used, your interlocutor may perceive this as disrespect.

There are slang words in every language and this is no different for English. Although many people think of bad and disrespectful expressions when slang is mentioned, slang is not just that. In some cases, we use slang words to briefly summarize the situation with people we are intimate with or with whom we are dealing with. To give an example from daily life, you can use the word “easy” when describing an event that bothers you much less than expected. But you can say “easy peasy” to express this to people you are sincere with. As can be seen from this example, slang words do not only consist of bad and disrespectful words. Now let’s multiply our examples a bit.

Slang Words Examples and Meanings

What’s up? -> What are you doing?
I feel you. -> I understand and empathize with you.
I get it. -> I understand.
Same here. -> I agree.
My bad. -> My mistake.
No worries. -> That’s alright.
No biggie. -> It’s not a problem.
Laid back. -> Relaxed or calm.
Sweet. -> Fantastic.
Lame. -> The opposite of cool or fantastic.
Bomb. -> Really good.
Bummer. -> A disappointment.

Shady -> Questionable or suspicious.
Hot. -> Attractive
Beat. -> Tired
Sick. -> Awesome
Ripped. -> Very physically fit.
Cheesy. -> Silly
Epic. -> Grand or awesome.
It sucked. -> It was bad quality.
Babe. -> Your significant other; an attractive individual.
Have a crush. -> Attracted to someone romantically.
Dump. -> To end a romantic relationship with someone.
Ex. -> An old relationship or spouse.
A turn off. -> Something that’s repulsive.
Party animal. -> One who loves parties.
Whiz. -> A really smart person.

Chicken. -> Coward
Chick. -> A girl or young woman.
Getting hitched. -> Getting married.
Hang out. -> To spend time with others.
I am down. -> I am able to join.
A blast. -> A very fun event.
Show up. -> Arrive at an event.
Flick. -> A movie.
Pig out. -> To eat a lot.
Crahs. -> To fall asleep quickly.

Lightheen up. -> Relax.
Score. -> To get something desirable.
Wrap up. -> To finish something.
Bail. -> To leave abruptly.
Buck. -> One dollar.
Rip-off. -> A purchase that was very overpriced.
Gonna -> For example, people whose native language is English or who know English well may prefer to use “gonna” rather than “going to”.