Use Up in a Sentence, How to Use Up with Example Sentences

Use Up in a Sentence, How to Use Up with Example Sentences

1. I grew up here.

2. Go up the stairs.

3. I wake up at 7am.

4. Make up your mind.

5. It’s up one floor.

6. I got up at seven.

7. Wind up the clock.

8. What are you up to?

9. Go up these stairs.

10. Wake me up at nine.

11. I stood up angrily.

12. Turn up the volume.

13. I grew up on a farm.

14. Alex is grown up now.

15. I wake up very early.

16. Roll up your sleeves.

17. I messed up big time.

18. I’m tied up right now.

19. I’ve given up smoking.

20. Samuel stood up again.

21. I’ve set up a meeting.

22. I’m not giving up yet.

23. Will it clear up soon?

24. Alex rolled up sleeves.

25. Clean up your own mess.

26. I always get up at six.

27. He always gets up late.

28. Alex must get up early.

29. Let’s wind up our work.

30. Alex stood up suddenly.

31. I haven’t given up yet.

32. We must get up at dawn.

33. I’ll meet you up there.

34. Let’s pick up the pace.

35. I have to get up early.

36. We cleaned up the mess.

37. I grew up in that house.

38. Don’t give up the fight.

39. I’m off to pick up Alex.

40. George grew up in Texas.

41. I’m off to pick up Alex.